We provide residential architectural services for new homes, additions, renovations, and everything in between. We listen carefully to you and strive to integrate your needs, dreams, and your budget. Your project is about who you are, how you work, and how you live. So, what should we talk about? Seriously, let's talk about what matters to you and how we can help. Otherwise, this space is going to be littered with words like full service design firm and conceptual planning. It's going to have founding dates (2009) and name drop awards we've won (wow, best in living award, nice) and if we're not careful it's going to start listing services (in case you're curious, they're at the bottom of the page anyway). Not that any of that is wrong, just not as interesting as hearing what you're up for and how we can help. Our work is not rooted in a particular style; it's about absorbing your beliefs/ goals and designing appropriately. Let's start the dialogue about you and your project!

What We Do

cogitate verb | cog·i·tate | koj-i-teyt
: to think carefully and seriously about something

design verb | de·sign | dih-zahyn
: to intend for a definite purpose

How We Do It

We approach your project by striving to define the inherent design issues- independent of the latest trends- and provide solutions that are responsive to your needs and known for design quality. At the commencement of each project, any 'style' to strive towards is negated- the resultant design is based upon the inherent design problems, your needs, desires, and context. We work with you to create a total home environment. Interior and exterior are designed to be visually interesting and exciting as well as functional. We take the opportunity to work with you on such an important aspect of your life very seriously. We look forward to working with you!


Conceptual Design
Schematic Design
Design Development
Permit Documents
Construction Documents
Construction Administration
Almost anything else that requires good design