Worthington Residence
Raleigh NC

The clients requested a renovation/addition to their traditional home. They wished to resolve several 'issues' such that the resultant home was in keeping with how they live and use the home. An overall design was provided which the client will construct in phases. In keeping with the existing home, the design and detailing has been restrained and traditional. The clients' kids and neighbors enjoying playing on the spacious front yard, however, the existing front porch serves merely as coverage from the weather. Further, the garage is the dominant feature of the front elevation, something the clients wished to resolve. The first phase involves a new large front porch that can accommodate seating and that becomes the focal point of the front of the home. The second phase involves better utilizing the space above the garage- it will be 'opened-up' with new dormers front and rear, ample storage, and a built-in entertainment center. An existing underutilized rear sunroom was demolished. In its' place, a new window configuration and exterior patio has been provided to serve the family's desire to 'use' the rear yard as well as the front.